Cradle to Cradle

The Cradle to Cradle Certification evaluates and improves products by thoroughly assessing and optimizing materials and production processes. Certification means a healthy, safe, effective and quality product that is recyclable again and again.

As a non-consensus standard, Cradle to Cradle was not created by the carpet industry or any other specialty group. Founded and administrated by MBDC, Cradle to Cradle is an independent, multi-attribute product certification based on the Cradle to Cradle design protocol, a scientifically based, peer-reviewed process used to assess and optimize products and processes to maximize health, safety, effectiveness, and high quality reutilization over many product life cycles.

Cradle to Cradle is open to a wide variety of products – not just carpet – which allows for stringent criteria during the evaluation process that does not focus on one industry in particular.

The categories used to evaluate products include:

  • Environmentally Safe and Healthy Materials
  • Efficient Use of Water and Maximum Water Quality
  • Use of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Instituting Strategies for Social Responsibilities
  • Design for Material Reutilization

Certified products must meet certain objectives within these categories to be certified, with additional items necessary to move from level to level. There are four certification levels:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Basic

Our Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified Product Systems:

  • Eco Solution Q type 6 nylon fiber
  • EcoWorx carpet tile backing
  • EcoWorx Broadloom and EcoWorx Performance Broadloom backing

To learn more about Cradle to Cradle Certification, visit MBDC.

Recycling EcoWork Products: Our Environmental Guarantee

EcoWorx products are backed with an Environmental Guarantee. It’s our way of saying, “We want it back.” All EcoWorx products have an 800 number printed on the back – 800.509.SHAW. Call and Shaw will transport and recycle any EcoWorx tile or broadloom carpet at no cost to you. Recycling EcoWorx is easy and hassle-free, making it easy for you to recycle your used carpet, saving valuable time and money on landfill fees.

  • Continental U.S. and Canada Guarantee: Shaw will take back 500 yards or greater of EcoWorx material at no cost to you.
  • Alaska, Hawaii, other U.S. Territories and Mexico Guarantee: Shaw will take back 5,000 yards or greater of EcoWorx material at no cost to you and will assume the cost to transport the product to our recycling facilities.
  • International Guarantee: Shaw will take back 5,000 yards or greater of EcoWorx material from any international port at no cost to you. Shaw will pay for the transportation cost of EcoWorx material from any international port and will assume the cost to transport the product to our recycling facilities.

Material must meet the following requirements:

  • Free of all types of debris and uncontaminated by any toxic substances, such as solvents. Adhesive residue on the backing is acceptable
  • No other carpet tile backing, such as PVC, or other roll carpet backings may be mixed on EcoWorx pallets
  • EcoWorx Broadloom and Performance Broadloom products must be cut and rolled no longer than 3 feet wide

Recycling of Non-EcoWorx Products

In order to recycle non-EcoWorx carpet, a minimum of 500 square yards must be returned and a replacement order through Shaw Contract Group must be placed. If you are not purchasing Shaw Contract Group carpet, we can provide assistance with recycling contacts in your area.

Call 402.598.4872 to begin the carpet recycling process. Jeff Oneth will complete a post consumer recycling form at least two weeks prior to pick-up. A Shaw Environmental Specialist will work with you to schedule carpet recycling. Please allow 5 days to schedule transportation.

Recycling Guidelines:

  • New Shaw carpet order is required
  • 500 yard or $1,000 minimum
  • Material must be palletized and secured
  • Carpet must be free of debris
  • Customer must load material onto truck
  • Pick-up location must be able to accommodate a 52-foot trailer
  • Additional services such as dumpsters, dropped trailers, etc. will be provided as necessary at additional cost
  • These services are applicable in the continental United States and Canada only
  • Requests outside the continental U.S. will be evaluated on a project by project basis
  • Shaw Contract Group will provide proof of recycling documentation

For more information on Shaw’s collection network and to facilitate carpet recycling, please contact Jeff Oneth at 720.275.4663 or via email at Please download and review the EcoWorx Recycling Guidelines.